Application for Issuance Letter of Guarantee

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Please issue for our account and risk an irrevocable of guarantee in accordance with the following information and as per the conditions below:

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Expiry Date:
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   Account Information :

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   I hereby admit my acceptance to the below-mentioned Terms & Conditions of this service:

  1. We/I understand and accept that the beneficiaries shall have the full right to claim performance under this guarantee for any demand.

  2. We fully authorize you to pay the amount to the beneficiary and debit our account on demand without referring to us. Also you are not responsible for interpretation of the contract mention in the guarantee and proving allegations of beneficiary statement.

  3. We authorize you to offset the Margin account which is held with you for the claimed amount of the guarantee.

  4. We fully authorize you debit our account for any expense or other fees as a result of issuing this guarantee. Also we promise to pay you immediately on demand all sums due or becoming due according to this guarantee.

  5. We fully undertake to provide your bank cash or other securities upon your written notice to fully or partly secure the outstanding guarantee. Also it is clearly understood that our liability to you shall continue until we return to you the original guarantee and the extensions (if any) signed by you for cancellation.

  6. We authorize you to renew this letter of guarantee or block it if required by beneficiary without referring to us unless you consider otherwise.



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